Breakout Sessions – 2023

2023 Kingdom Leaders


October 3-6, 2023
In-Person Breakout Sessions

Tuesday | October 3 | 10:30 aM CST



Building a Church Based Leadership Program

Dr. Larry Mercer

This session will provide a biblical foundation for leadership development, examine the model of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship's leadership development, and provide participants some practical strategies for building and/or strengthening their local church leadership program.

Developing Sermon Illustrations that Stick with Your Congregation

Pastor Ikki Soma

Engage, connect and support your church through the use of digital and social media. The workshop will give you the nuts & bolts of effective communication tools for the church.

Church Communications: Digital and Social Media

Shari Carroll

Everyone loves Dr. Evans' sermon illustrations. Learn how to develop sermon illustrations that use what is known to shed light on what is not as well known.

The Intersection of Law and Religion

Kesha Russell

This session will provide an overview of the common legal issues facing churches today and how to handle them.

Adopt-a-School to Serve Your Community

Bill Collins & Charles Wolford

Our communities are decaying at a rapid rate. The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative offers a strategy that prepares churches across the country to impact their communities by using public schools as the primary vehicle for effecting positive social change for youth and families. In this session, you will gain a better understanding of this program and the tools needed to forge church and school partnerships.

Behind the Scenes Experience: Life on Life Women's Bible Study

Disha Zaman

Get a first hand look at the Women's Ministry at OCBF by participating in the weekly Life on Life Women’s Bible study.

Developing Women Leaders *Presented by the Pastors' Wives Ministry

Liz Moffitt

This session will provide a learning experience that helps women navigate the ministry and or business landscape, develop and leverage their unique talents, and assume roles as leaders.

How to Resolve Personal Conflict & Conflict in the Church

Oletha Barnett

Sick of all this diversity and tension that invades and disrupts our lives? We see it swirling and twirling around in our polarized society. We hear its daily grind in news cycles, amongst family, friends and the community. Much conflict is due to ordinary differences. This workshop can help you manage differences and stop the chaos in its tracks. It is a fresh and new approach to looking at differences and conflict from various perspectives for clarity. Conflict is one of Satan’s ways of hindering us personally and in ministry. However, through principles learned in this workshop, you can learn how to benefit from conflict to improve ministry effectiveness and improve and repair relationships. And finally, Ms. Barnett takes you on a verbal tour of the internal operations of the conflict resolution ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship to show that you can develop a culture of peace in your church or business. When you properly manage conflict, it will give you back the time spent on conflict to focus on ministry.

Closing the Back Door: Effective Membership Assimilation and Retention

Sandra Robinson

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) Membership Services ministry strives to effectively assimilate members into the life and ministry of the Local Church. We seek to make members feel welcome, needed, cared for and connected to serve in ministry to edify the body of Christ which contributes to membership retention. We encourage members to Grow, Serve, and Give, to fulfill our mission to “Disciple the Church to Impact the World!”

Media: Moving the Church Forward

Ben Harris

"The session will discuss these key topics : Media Structure Evaluating your production needs Recognizing the need for collaboration Building and Maximizing your Budget Streaming and Brand focus Media Production Execution"

tuesday | October 3 | 1:30 PM CST



A Kingdom Strategy for Community Transformation: Implementing a 3-Point Plan

Bill Collins & John Fortner

Are you looking for a plan for your church to impact your community for the kingdom of God? Dr. Evans has designed a simple yet strategic 3-step plan to do this called "A Kingdom Plan for Community Transformation." In this class, we will explore each of the three elements of this plan, providing a biblical theology for this strategy of transforming communities, and suggest some practical steps for implementing the plan in your church and community.

Outreach Ministry: Growing a Network of Community Champions

Rev. Chris Wheel

Join this enlightening session that highlights the church's pivotal role in community transformation through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We delve into how our ministry aids individuals in crisis towards positive life changes. Crucially, our mission extends beyond immediate assistance, focusing on cultivating these individuals into community ambassadors who can share their experiences and wisdom to help others in similar situations. Furthermore, we identify and collaborate with community partners, leveraging their resources to fill support gaps, thus ensuring a comprehensive support network. This synergistic approach yields a robust network of community champions, each a testament to the power of compassionate outreach and reciprocal aid. Join us as we explore the strategies and values that drive this extensive, effective community support system, fostering an enduring, positive impact on our community.

Church Discipline and Restoration

Dr. Martin Hawkins

"This session will explore the need for discipline, the biblical process of discipline and how this process can benefit the growth of your local church."

How to Maintain Momentum in Your Small Groups Ministry

Terrie Pittman, Stevie Simmons, Erinn Watkins, Sonya Brown

How to avoid pitfalls which may stifle the momentum for maintaining a healthy Small Groups Ministry

Kingdom Prayer

Pastor Bobby Gibson

This session will discuss how to connect heaven with earth through praying according to Scripture. Kingdom prayer leads to kingdom living. Prayer is a daily necessity for daily triumph.

How to Handle the Business Side of Ministry

Greg Smith

Building and sustaining your ministry for the long haul begins with a solid infrastructure and plan. This session will provide a general overview of formation documentation, general operations and corporate documents needed for a well-organized ministry.

Women's Ways of Whacking, How to Prepare for Conflict and Personal Attacks the Female Way * Presented by the Pastors' Wives Ministry

Dr. Sue Edwards

Women and men usually process conflict differently. While men prefer directness, current research shows that many women express their hostility in indirect ways. They fear open conflict and often disguise their opposition to avoid confrontation and social condemnation. Or they attempt to bulldoze over other women. While men compartmentalize conflict, many women quickly escalate the conflict to a personal level. Disgruntled women easily wreak havoc in our lives and ministries. Join Dr. Edwards as we explore biblical strategies to help us prepare for difficult relationships and become skilled peacemakers from her classic book Leading Women Who Wound.

Executive Assistant: You're More Than a Gatekeeper

Sylvia Stewart

The role of an executive assistant to the senior pastor is to be his gatekeeper. A gatekeeper filters calls and visitors without blocking them; focuses on maximizing the time of the pastor they support; prays, cries, serves in times of crisis, and much more. Do you have a clear understanding of your pastor’s goals and objectives, and integrity of heart and skill of hands? We’ll explore all of this during our session together. Pastor Lee understands the struggles and frustrations many pastors feel when their churches aren't growing. As your instructor, he will be very generous about the principles and strategies he has observed, learned and implemented that helped Eagles Nest Church to grow.

Leading the Church Through Tough Times

Dr. Paul Cannings

The church is supposed to be under attack in these last days. We do church as usual; we must be prepared for battle so that we are not a part of the casualty list of Revelation chapters 2–3. This session focuses on providing a concise strategic process of how we can be powerfully effective in these changing times.

The New Way to Grow Your Church

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This session is for pastors and leaders of small to medium-sized churches who seriously want to see their churches grow. If your church has declined, has plateaued or if you wish your church was growing faster than it is, then this session is for you. Pastor Lee Allen Jenkins, a former investment adviser-turned church planter, will lead this session. Pastor Lee planted Eagles Nest Church in 2012 with twenty people. Today the church has over three-thousand members. Pastor Lee understands the struggles and frustrations many pastors feel when their churches aren't growing. As your instructor, he will be very generous about the principles and strategies he has observed, learned and implemented that helped Eagles Nest Church to grow.

How to Develop a Men's Ministry

Pastor Jonathan Evans

This course will address the principles and processes for developing a vibrant men's ministry in the local church. Learn how to prepare men to become anchors for God in their families, church and in their communities by providing men with a biblical context for spiritual growth.

wednesday | October 4 | 10:30 AM CST



Kingdom-Focused Christian School Education

Dr. Larry Mercer

This session will examine a biblical basis for Christian school education, describe the Kingdom Collegiate Academies Christian school program, and present practical strategies for building and sustaining a kingdom-focused Christian school in contemporary society.

Growing Your Kids Ministry

Cynthia Dixson

This session is designed to connect kids ministry leaders with like minded people and equip them with effective strategies, tools and new ways to grow their kids ministry. Included will be hands-on activities, group discussion, various visual material and networking opportunities. We will also discuss learning how to grow your level of parent engagement and discipleship of kids. Additionally, we will cover planning kids events, as well, as recruiting and coordinating volunteers to serve in kids ministry.

OCBF NextGen Ministry

Pastor Jonathan Evans,
Raelynn Pineda,
Joshua Farris

The OCBF NextGen Ministry exists to love, serve and help cultivate spiritual growth within the lives of the Kids, Youth and Young Adult members of OCBF. NextGen is about helping the younger generation to BELIEVE in the saving power of Jesus Christ, BELONG to a community of Kingdom believers and BECOME all the God wants them to be. We do this by delivering the best Worship, the best Word, the best Wisdom, the best Wacky from the best Workers who are the most Engaging, Enthusiastic, Energetic and Efficient and who give the most Effort.

Making an Impact as a Leader

Dr. Paul Cannings

Many people serve because they do not want to disappoint the pastor, while others hold positions because they were assigned to it and others because they were voted in to do so. Christ teaches that leaders are life changers. This class explains how to make leaders life transformers, not just Sunday morning performers.

Making, Maturing, and Mobilizing Disciples * Presented by the Pastors' Wives Ministry

Dr. Wanda Bolton-Davis

"Is your church making disciples who make disciples? This workshop will examine the biblical foundation and effectiveness of small group discipleship. Dr. Wanda Bolton-Davis brings over 20 years of experience in helping church leaders implement, and/or enhance their discipleship ministry. You will come away with strategic tools and a practical system to: • Implement fruitful small groups • Incorporate spiritual growth outcomes • Develop a corporate spiritual growth path • Create a greater sense of community • Develop a leadership pipeline • Mobilize believers for kingdom work If you’re ready to move the focus of your church from membership to discipleship, then this workshop is for you!"

Caring for the Sick, Bereaved and Seniors

Rev. Darrell Thomas &
Kim Bradley

Providing comfort and care to those who need it most can be difficult in post-pandemic ministry. This session will provide tips on navigating safely and respectfully, ensuring that everyone is able to experience the Love of Christ!

Adopt-a-School to Serve Your Community

Bill Collins &
Charles Wolford

Our communities are decaying at a rapid rate. The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative offers a strategy that prepares churches across the country to impact their communities by using public schools as the primary vehicle for effecting positive social change for youth and families. In this session, you will gain a better understanding of this program and the tools needed to forge church and school partnerships.

Mental Health for Pastors and Church Leaders (Avoiding Burnout)

Dr. Guy Earle

According to the Soul Shepherding Institute, 75% of pastors report feeling “highly stressed” on any given week. This session will help pastors and church leaders recognize the signs of mental or emotional distress and share tools and resources that can help provide relief.

Are You Taking Your Church Operations to Exceptional Service Levels?

Dallas Diggs

Scripture gives instruction to love our neighbor roughly 100 times. In this interactive session you will hear what we are doing and aspire to do at Oak Cliff Bible to demonstrate love through operation services (Building Operations, Information Technology, and Safety/Security). Focus will be given to the importance of strategy, performance and standards. Importantly, you will have an opportunity to share your great ideas and ask questions of those in the session.

Multicultural Preaching to Reach a Multicultural Generation

Pastor Ikki Soma

God's kingdom is a diverse kingdom. Our communities are becoming increasingly more diverse. Learn how to connect with a diverse congregation and community through your preaching and teaching.

Ministry Tour

Enjoy a comprehensive tour of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Campus and learn the history of it's development.

Media: Moving the Church Forward

Ben Harris

"The session will discuss these key topics: Media structure evaluating your production needs Recognizing the need for collaboration Building and maximizing your budget Streaming and brand focus Media production execution"

Safe Space: Reducing the Risk of Sexual Abuse and Misconduct in Your Church

Mark Francis Juba


wednesday | October 4 | 1:30 PM CST



Building A Culturally Relevant Youth Ministry

Isaac Shepard, Ryan Newsome, Candice Holmes

The OCBF Next Generation leaders will walk you through practical ways that you can ensure your church's youth ministry is culturally relevant, biblically accurate and effective in transforming lives.

The Financially Healthy and Generous Church

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This session is for pastors, leaders and church executives, who want to see their church grow stronger financially. How do you know if your church is financially healthy? Many don’t know, and some of the current metrics are outdated. This class will show you how to better manage the church’s finances and how to create a culture of generosity. Pastor Lee Allen Jenkins, a former investment adviser-turned church planter and church consultant, will lead this session.

Your Story Matters: Using Your Story to Encourage Others * Presented by the Pastors' Wives Ministry

Chrystal Hurst

God has used the hills and the valleys of your life to produce your unique testimony. He wants to use your story to minister to others. This workshop will help you discover ways to purposefully and authentically share how God uses the painful and the powerful details of your life for your good and His glory.

Ministry Publishing and Content Creation: Expanding the Use of your Sunday Sermon

Terry Glaspey

Maximize your hard work and sermon preparation through discovering additional ways to curate your content. Learn how one sermon can contribute to a future book, blog, reading plan, texting plan, social media posts and even more! Make the most of your ministry by strategically expanding your reach without adding extra work.

Stewarding a Culture of Kingdom Servants

Rev. Chris Wheel

This is a dynamic session dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community of church volunteers. We delve into effective management strategies, from recruiting and onboarding, to retention of these invaluable team members. We underline the importance of a defined mission, vision, and culture, supported by transparent policies and processes. These elements forge a clear framework, empowering volunteers to be ambassadors for your mission. The emphasis is on shaping volunteers' perspective, helping them see their roles not merely as work, but as service unto the Lord, performed with integrity and skill. With an understanding of their vital representation of Lord Jesus and the ministry, they will become champions of your church's mission, fostering a truly committed volunteer community.

Online Membership: Developing a Deeper Connection with Online Viewers

Rev. Claude Bailey

Online streaming—virtual engagement creates an opportunity for those interacting with your ministry online to grow through the worship, fellowship, teaching and opportunities to benefit from available resources. By combining these elements with ways to serve in well-defined ways you can increase ministry support and the furtherance of discipleship that can impact the world.

The "Mark" of Servant Leadership

Dr. Martin Hawkins

The Gospel of Mark is the cornerstone of servant leadership. In this session, we will discuss the major themes that are repeated throughout the book along with the irrefutable principles of sound servant leadership. The discussion will delve into Mark's style, his leadership and mentoring experiences and how they can impact our leadership today.

Free at Last Support Groups: Creating Change Through Christ and Community

Dr. Guy Earle

Discover the exchanged life principle which is the foundation to change. Explore how a supportive community can aid in the change process. And learn the vital role that the facilitator plays in fostering a healing environment.

Equipping Leaders Through the Tony Evans Training Center

Dr. Dawn-Marie Pearson & John Fortner

According to Ephesians 4:11-13, the job of ministry leaders is to equip the Body to do the work of the ministry. This means ministry leaders are to develop and invest in new leaders who are able to take up and live out their calling as kingdom builders. But how do you do this in a strategic and reproducible way? The Tony Evans Training Center (TETC) has been developed to provide pastors, ministry leaders, and others in the body with resources directly from Dr. Evans that provide a training pathway to equip individuals and groups with the skills and knowledge needed to serve with excellence. Join us for this session as we present our discipleship and leadership development platform and provide you with strategies for implementing TETC courses and resources in your ministry setting.

Church Security: Am I Protected?

Tonya McDaniel

In this session about church security the goal is to raise awareness of what security concerns are for the church community. We will address security concerns that come from outside the church and from within the church. We will also discuss how to recognize common patterns of threatening or sinister behaviors. We will understand methods that can be applied to help prevent incidents. And we will discuss what the effects of an incident can have on the church community.

Starting a Bible Institute in Your Church

Rev. La Fayette Holland

OCBF’s Kingdom Agenda Bible Institute provides an interactive learning environment that connects members with other believers to learn how to study and apply Scripture to every area of life. This workshop lays the foundation for healthy infrastructure and curriculum development that supports the overall spiritual growth and development of your membership.


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