Virtual Breakout Sessions

2022 Kingdom Leader


October 4-5, 2022
Virtual Breakout Sessions

Tuesday | 10:30 aM - 12:00 PM CST



Stewardship and Community Impact

Karla Reese

This session will give you an inside look at the Stewardship Ministry of OCBF. You'll gain an understanding of how we disciple our members to be financially free to give and serve the kingdom. This session will also provide some insight on our approach to benevolence and how we demonstrate the kingdom agenda in our community.

Funerals, Seniors, Veterans and prayer

Rev. Darrell Thomas

Ministry post pandemic: navigating safely and respectfully. Ensuring that everyone is able to experience the Love of Christ!

Women's Ministry Curriculum Planning (*Presented by the Pastors' Wives Ministry)

Jan Greenwood

"Providing opportunities for the women in your ministry to deepen their faith and grow spiritually is a top priority. But how do you evaluate, select or develop a curriculum that will meet your women's needs? This workshop will provide you with knowledge and resources to effectively create a discipleship plan for your women's ministry. "

A kindgom approach to Missional Lifestyle

Claude Bailey

This session will include a discussion of how Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship approaches discipleship and evangelism in the attempt to develop world-impacting disciples.

Tuesday | 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM CST



emerging legal concerns in the church today

Mark Francis Juba (The Church Lawyers, MG Law Team)

Many legal matters impact churches’ ability to function in a secular environment. This session will offer relevant guidance regarding emerging concerns about topics such as housing allowances, governance, church discipline, religious liberties, facility use, employment, alternative conflict resolution and more. This session intends to equip pastors and their churches with confidence to better assess some of the numerous situations facing us today.

practical tools and strategies for growing a multi-ethnic church

Pastor Ikki Soma

How do we reach our multicultural communities? How do we reflect kingdom diversity? This session will answer these questions and more through insights and engaging discussions with Pastor Ikki Soma.

The new way to maximize your church's growth potential

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This session is for pastors and leaders of small to medium-sized churches who seriously want to see their churches grow. If your church has declined, or has plateaued, or if you wish your church was growing faster than it is, then this session is for you. Pastor Lee Allen Jenkins, a former investment adviser-turned church planter, will lead this session. Pastor Lee planted Eagles Nest Church in 2012 with twenty people. Today the church has over three-thousand members. Pastor Lee understands the struggles and frustrations many pastors feel when their churches aren't growing. As your instructor, he will be very generous about the principles and strategies he has observed, learned, and implemented that helped Eagles Nest Church to grow.

Planning Retreats for women's ministry (Presented by the Pastors' Wives Ministry)

Chrystal Hurst

Bringing the women in your ministry together for a retreat is a wonderful way to build community and offer opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship and fun. This workshop presents practical steps to develop vibrant and relevant programming for the women that you serve. Ministry ideas are provided for churches of all sizes and budgets.

wednesday | 10:30 aM - 12:00 PM CST



Could you not Pray with me One Hour

Pastor Bobby Gibson

We’ll discover more about how to move from desire to discipline, to delight in personal and corporate prayer, and look at what the Bible says about prayer and how to pray according to the Scriptures.

Adopt a school to serve your community

Bill Collins & Charles Wolford

Our communities are decaying at a rapid rate. The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative offers a strategy that prepares churches across the country to impact their communities by using public schools as the primary vehicle for effecting positive social change for youth and families. In this session, you will gain a better understanding of this program and the tools needed to forge church and school partnerships.

marketing your mission

Shari Carroll

The mission is the driving force of any organization, including the church. Therefore, the church's marketing strategies must be aligned with the mission of the church. This session will teach the fundamentals of mission-based marketing using a variety of media to communicate the message(s).

building a church based leadership program

Dr. Larry Mercer

This session will provide a biblical foundation for leadership development, examine the model of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship's leadership development, and provide participants some practical strategies for building and/or strengthening their local church leadership program.

wednesday | 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM CST



Multicultural preaching to reach a multicultural generation

Pastor Ikki Soma

As our communities grow more and more culturally and ethnically diverse, we must learn how to effectively and relevantly communicate God's word to people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The financially healthy church

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This session is for pastors, leaders, and church executives, who want to see their church grow stronger financially. How do you know if your church is financially healthy? Many don’t know, and some of the current metrics are outdated. This class will show you how to better manage the church’s finances, and how to create a culture of generosity. Pastor Lee Allen Jenkins, a former investment adviser-turned church planter and church consultant, will lead this session.

teaching the bible to develop kingdom women *(Presented by the Pastors' wives ministry)

Priscilla Shirer

Sharing from her many years of Bible teaching, experience Priscilla Shirer will help teachers explore the study components, tools and resources needed to develop impactable lessons.

filling the leadership pipeline

Dr. Conway Edwards

What you need to know for successful leadership development in your volunteer teams


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